An overall summary by a guest blogger

When Mum decided she was going to give up supermarket shopping, I thought she was only joking. And when she actually did give it up, I thought she was going mad and needed to see a doctor. But now I guess it is much easier than I thought it was going to be as specially as most shopping is done when I’m at school or busy! One place I thought was a great place to shop is Out of This World in Leeds city centre (I recommend it). Since the begining of Lent I have only been there once but it still had a great impression on me. My little sister really enjoys going there with Mum on a Monday (which is saying quite a lot as my sister hates an awful lot of things). Despite being quite a small shop, Out of This World has a range of things to buy from washing up liquid to delicious cakes and buns. Mmm! Definitely the best place to shop if you enjoy eating organic and in season products. I’m sure we’ll carry on shopping there after Easter. In Lent we have spent £66.55 at Out of This World.***** rating.

A place of range and excitement next : the Market. The first place we shopped at in our Lent challenge, the Market has a high guarantee that you’ll find something to eat that you have never even dreamed of passing over your taste buds. I’ve bought strawberries, hedgehog loaves and easter lollies from the market ( all of which very tasty ). Brilliant for supporting local farmers and producers, the Market moves from place to place each week. Over Lent we have spent £37.36 at the farmers market. *** rating.

Please let me mention the TWO times when my untrustworthy Dad HAS shopped at supermarkets over Lent. My Mum has definitely wouldn’t let the world know her husband can’t keep a challenge up for six weeks. First time round my Dad shopped at Waitrose spending £8.19 ( he unnecessarily bought three pints of beer and two packets of crisps). Also he bought a Mothers day card for Granny but still unnecessary  as he could have just asked me to make one. Next time he shopped at Tesco spending £3.93. We really should count shopping at the Co-op as terrible crime especially as we have given them £156.75 out of my parents hard worked for wages. The shop next door to the crime filled Co-op is the Spar ( my parents don’t think it counts as shopping at a supermarket as really it is only a petrol station shop). Nearly beating our total amount spent at out of this world, we spent £65.78 at the Spar.

This blog is meant to be about a different points of view so let’s question my dad on what he thinks about no supermarket shopping:

Has our no supermarket shopping challenge been a good idea or bad idea?

A good idea.A really good idea.

Where has been your favourite place to shop over Lent?

The Co-op(said in a guilty tone).

 We have shopped in lots of off licences and butchers (but no bakers OR candlestick makers) but we don’t have time to mention them all.One thing we do have time to mention is the milkman.Something that we haven’t been doing for long the milkman is my least favourite food producer we have negotiated with so far (I’m sure he is a really nice guy but I just do NOT like milkmen). Everyone else in my house likes the almost daily service especially my sister who refers to the milk supply as ‘Magic milk’.Who would want to drink milk that had been sitting out on the doorstep for an hour or so before it is put in the fridge? It could have gone off! My mum tried to persuade me it is the same as eating Fairtrade bananas but I hate bananas and never eat them so I don’t get what the difference is.

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