Limerick Poetry Challenge: Fall

When a fellow blogger alerted me to MindandLifeMatters’ new weekly Limerick Poetry Challenge, I immediately wanted to try it – particularly as this week’s prompt is “Fall” (or autumn in British-English). ย This combines two of my strongest memories of high school English classes – firstly the fun we had making up our own limericks, and secondly the tedium of John Keats’ “Ode to Autumn” which we studied to death every September as a seasonal reminder of the importance of similes and metaphors. ย It’s probably a fine poem, but when you’ve read it so often that you can chant it like the three times table, all the beauty is gone. Anyway, here’s my Keats/Fall inspired limerick:

John Keats was a poetic fellow,

Saw fall as a time to be mellow.

Although he called it autumn,

When leaves fell he still caught โ€˜em

Whether they were brown, orange or yellow.


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