Weekly Limerick Challenge 6: Pride

Ooh, Mr Darcy!

Ooh, Mr Darcy!

An opportunity to write a Pride and Prejudice themed limerick? Oh yes please! It’s got to be one of my favourite books ever. I love that Jane Austen’s characters are so well written that she’s actually made me have a crush on words on a page, rather than a real actual bloke.  Mr Darcy, even before Colin Firth, has always been one of my literary heroes alongside Mr Rochester and (don’t judge me) Sirius Black.

While I was scribbling down ideas for this one, Lady Catherine’s fantastically snooty line “are the shades of Pemberley to be thus polluted?” popped into my head, so I decided to make her, rather than her lovely nephew, centre stage of this one. Probably just as well, because the only word I could think of to rhyme with Darcy was ar… well, anyway. Without further ado:

Lady Catherine De Bourgh had such pride

Darcy’s marriage she could not abide.

When his Bennett in-laws

Darkened Pemberley’s doors

“Our shades are polluted!”she cried.


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