Putting the blog in hibernation

I love my blogging habit, and the friendly feedback from bloggers around the world.  But it’s time to power down…as for the next few weeks I am in full-on Mrs Christmas mode, and free time is in very short supply.

Peppa, I'm sorry. You just don't capture the magic of Christmas for me.

Peppa, I’m sorry. You just don’t capture the magic of Christmas for me.

Back in January, whilst throwing away the remnants of a particularly tacky £1 Peppa Pig Advent Calendar, I decided, Kirstie Allsopp style, that this Christmas we were going to have a tasteful, lovingly hand-stitched home-made Advent Calendar which would be a treasured family heirloom for years to come. So I started sewing… and of course 11 months later I’m still nowhere near finishing the damn thing.  I also didn’t really have a clear idea of how the finished product would look when I started sewing, and it’s turned out larger than I expected… to cut a long story short I’m going to be spending the rest of November sewing/sobbing/swearing over something that’s probably going to end up bigger than the Bayeux Tapestry.  And my kids will probably howl anyway because it hasn’t got Peppa Pig or cheap nasty chocolate in it.

And then there’s all my other Christmas projects… I’m halfway through writing a Doctor Who meets Star Trek: TNG story as a personalised Christmas present for 11YO, who is a massive fan of both.  And of course to be fair, I will have to come up with a story offering for 5YO.  Hmm… maybe something like “Mummy Pig’s home-made Advent Calendar which is much nicer than that nasty one from Home and Bargain”.  No? Oh well…

Not to mention, it’s a massively busy time at work, getting ready for Christmas, and I’m also starting to look for opportunities to do a bit of freelance copywriting… more about that in the New Year.  So I’m taking a break from the spontaneous blogging. I will keep the blog ticking over by entering my fave weekly challenges (The Weekly Limerick and Six Word Story Challenges) and re-blogging any good posts that I come across, and will back to proper blogging with a vengeance once the tree is wrapped and the presents are up… Or something.




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