On the Arts and Humanities

Couldn’t agree more with this post, so I’m re-blogging it on my own site.  Lit.Gaz is one of my favourite blogs to follow – a great source of information about books and literature!


I hope that this post doesn’t turn into too much of a rant – I’d like to remain calm, but every so often the morons who are charged with education policy in this country enrage me, and recent remarks on the supposed superiority of mathematical and scientific education, and deprecation of the arts and humanities, has made me see red again.

Basically, education, and particularly higher education, is supposed now to be seen only in terms of enhancing the future, immediate employability of students, and, of course, everyone wants to employ mathematicians and scientists and nobody needs those useless arts and humanities graduates, for what can they really, actually DO?

It’s become increasingly evident over the last generation that HE is now basically big business, not only for universities who now have to compete in the holy marketplace, but also for the spivs and chancers who can now get richer…

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2 thoughts on “On the Arts and Humanities

    • You’re welcome. I think there’s going to be a real shortage of arts and humanities teachers in a few years because of student fees and this relentless promotion of STEM subjects. And it will be working class kids who suffer because of it.


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