We did it!

If you’ve been reading my last couple of blog posts, here and here, you’ll know that I had signed myself and 11YO up for a 5km ‘Bubble Rush’ in aid of our local hospice.  You’ll also be aware that I’m a bit of couch potato, and that the training was NOT going well.  The big day was yesterday… so read on to find out how it went…

With several thousand people taking part, DJ’s from Heart Radio getting the crowd warmed up, stalls, face painting and refreshments, the whole event felt more like a family friendly pop festival than a serious 5k run.  We were accompanied by Husband and 5YO, who decided at the last minute that they didn’t want to miss the fun – and I’m really glad they came along because it was a lovely, fun thing to do as a family.

DSC02550Once in every kilometre along the 5km route we had to run through a mass of brightly coloured bubbles, which the children absolutely loved.  “Bubbletastic!” was what 5YO squealed at one point, up to her chin in foam.  It was so much fun playing in the bubbles that both girls – and their parents – really enjoyed the whole course, and hardly complained about the distance at all.

I can’t help but think, as a couch potato who has earned her stripes over 40+ years of inactivity, that if you’re going to encourage people like me to get fit, this is what it’s going to take – exercise with an emphasis on silliness and fun.  I’m never going to be a lycra-clad Paula Radcliffe wannabe going for my personal best at parkrun, swimming involves too much remembering to shave legs in advance, and Zumba/ Pilates classes frankly sound a bit scary.  But if I could do a Bubble Rush every week, or – I don’t know – space hopper classes, or giant soft play, then I might actually be quite keen on keeping fit.

DSC02567So did we manage to get round the course? Yes.  And how much of it did I actually run? I guess about a kilometre (mostly on the downhill bits) – including a triumphant charge over the finish line hand in hand with two tired little girls who were just beginning to grumble about being cold and soaking wet. And I’m pleased to report that for the first time ever I did actually get a bit of a buzz out of it – probably because it was all such good fun, but just maybe it was these mysterious endorphins which everyone keeps telling me about?

But perhaps the most important thing is that we were raising money  for a very important cause, our local hospice. Our family has benefited a lot from the care provided by hospices over the last few years so it’s only right that we try to give something back. If you’d like to sponsor us you can do so on our VirginMoney giving page here:







6 thoughts on “We did it!

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    My friend and fellow blogger Kirsty, and her young ladies, ran a “Bubble Rush” yesterday. Read all about it here and, if you wish, you may also sponsor her in raising funds for her local hospice.


  2. That’s wonderful! Congratulations on completing it.

    I’ve tried to run over the years too, and never manage to keep it up. Bubbles seem like a good motivator. Maybe people should invent stuff like this for casual running… I dunno, fun obstacle courses or something.

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