Six word story challenge: Paranoia

Does anyone remember that slightly tongue-in-cheek advert the Guardian did a few years ago, about rebranding the weekend as “The Guardian Weekend”?  It’s been years since I used to make the Saturday Guardian last all weekend – these days I read most of my news online. Weekend rituals these days are about more practical matters, like ferrying the children to music lessons and making sure uniforms are washed and ready for Monday morning.  But one weekend ritual I’m very much enjoying these days is the Sometimes Stellar Storyteller Six Word Story Challenge.  I always try and check WordPress before we head off to music, to see what this week’s prompt is going to be, then I can mull it over in the back of my mind for a few hours.

This week’s prompt is “Paranoia” and I offer you this:

I know they’re laughing at me.

Maybe we should rebrand Saturday and Sunday as The Six Word Story Challenge Weekend? What do you think?



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