Weekly Photo Prompt: “Threats must be eliminated”

Welcome to my weekly photo prompt!  Every Monday I will share a photo which I like, and taking it as a starting point, I’ll endeavour to come up with a piece of creative writing.  This might be a 100 word story, a poem, haiku, limerick or long piece – I’m not setting any rules apart from committing to a regular writing challenge to exercise my brain.  If you like the image I’ve shared, please feel free to use it as a prompt for your own work, give me a pingback and I promise to read and give my feedback.

The photos I use will be either my own or taken by my snap happy husband, so you have our permission to use them for the purpose of this writing prompt.  If they aren’t our own photos, I will only use them with permission and credit them to their source.

So without further ado, here’s this week’s photo:


And here’s a 100 word story as my take on it:

“Artemis One, are you receiving? Artemis, come in.”

The radio crackled, then – silence. Carys looked at the Supervisor, his face hidden in shadows.

“Still nothing Sir.”

No reply. He’d arrived just yesterday. His first Martian assignment.

“Sir. Recommend a search party for Artemis One…”

He moved towards her out of the shadows.

“The crew of Artemis One – like everyone on this base – have knowledge which threatens the Corporation. And threats…”

Too late, she realised he was wearing an oxygen mask and had opened the airlock.   She sank, gasping, to the floor, as he continued:

“…must be eliminated.”

Let me know what you think in the comments,  and if you’d like to share your own piece of writing in response to this photo prompt, I’d be delighted to read it!



6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Prompt: “Threats must be eliminated”

  1. Love it, very devious!

    Here’s what really happened before the photo was taken:

    He’d been driving all night
    and now he was shattered.
    He quickly changed gear
    into clothes slightly tattered.
    He scanned the horizon
    as rain gently pattered.
    His balls had flown true,
    that was all that had mattered!

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