Weekly Limerick Challenge: Superstition

It’s been a few weeks since I last took part in the Weekly Limerick Challenge, but this week’s prompt, ‘Superstition’ seemed appropriate.  I recently went to see Macbeth – which has a tradition of being somehow an ‘unlucky’ play – at the theatre.  In fact, after I saw it, a very good friend of mine mentioned that she doesn’t like to say the name of ‘the Scottish Play’ for superstitious reasons. So I had a little think and this is what I came up with:

Of Cawdor and Glamis he was Thane
Duncan trusted him, sadly, in vain.
But his triumph was brief
And brought madness and grief
And that’s why we don’t dare speak his name.


10 thoughts on “Weekly Limerick Challenge: Superstition

  1. This was so perfect..truth to tell I absolutely despise limmierking (is that a word,lol!) but I HAD TO SEE how you could put Macbeth into one…brilliant doesn’t do this justice. Katie.


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