Weekly Photo Prompt: “Remember her”

Welcome to my weekly photo prompt!  Every Monday I will share a photo which I like, and taking it as a starting point, I’ll endeavour to come up with a piece of creative writing.  This might be a 100 word story, a poem, haiku, limerick or longer piece – I’m not setting any rules apart from committing to a regular writing challenge to exercise my brain.  If you like the image I’ve shared, please feel free to use it as a prompt for your own work, give me a pingback and I promise to read and give my feedback.

The photos I use will be either my own or taken by my snap happy husband, so you have our permission to use them for the purpose of this writing prompt.  If they aren’t our own photos, I will only use them with permission and credit them to their source.

So without further ado, here’s this week’s photo, and my take on it:


Remember her. Kate Scholes. I carved her name

while she sat watching, when these woods were young.

I carved her name because I could not carve

her laughter, or the sunshine, or the touch

of her warm hand on mine.  I carved her name

for all the dreams we shared, the paths we walked

the home we built, the fleeting years we worked

while children ran and played on cobbled streets.

I carved her name for love, not knowing then

how fast the years would fly, nor how at last

I’d sit and face her empty chair alone.

I carved her name. Kate Scholes. Remember her.

Let me know what you think in the comments,  and if you’d like to share your own piece of writing in response to this photo prompt, I’d be delighted to read it!



3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Prompt: “Remember her”

  1. I beg to differ! Half a tale is all you have.

    What you have discovered is the result from Kate’s blood test in 1884 at Bradford hospital.

    Bradford, in those times, was a little behind the rest of the country and they were still using stone tablets to convey information. Difficult to swallow? They certainly were!

    I found another stone just along the field from yours. On it was inscribed “terol” 2.5mmol/l.

    There you have it:

    Kate’s choles…..terol 2.5mmol/l.

    She went on to live a healthy and contented life until her death in 1958.


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