A truly creepy ending to this story! Beware seemingly deserted houses as dusk is falling….

Becoming Unstuck

img_1421 Photo Credit: kirstwrites

After being evicted from the property where he’d been living for two years, Will alternated between staying in homeless shelters and temporarily vacant homes, and occasionally had to sleep on the streets. Tired of moving around, he was looking for an abandoned house to occupy on a more permanent basis, recently setting his sights on one that ticked most of the boxes: a grossly overgrown lawn, a mailbox full of uncollected post, no lights at night for months on end, etc.

At dusk, he looked through the window at the first sprinkling of snow that season, and the thought of having to sleep outside spurred him into action. After gathering his meagre belongings, he crawled into his sleeping bag for a nap, preparing himself for the night ahead.

Jolted awake by a passing car blasting punk rock, Will was confused by his whereabouts for a moment. Recalling…

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