Jeremy Corbyn has convinced me…

Tonight, along with about two thousand other people, I took the opportunity to see Jeremy Corbyn addressing a rally in Leeds.  As it happened, the event was so popular that the hall reached capacity just as we were reaching the front of the queue.  So JC came and stood on the steps of the venue and … Continue reading Jeremy Corbyn has convinced me…

Echoes of My Neighbourhood: the Singing Ringing Tree

Of all the wonderful ideas I've come across in the WordPress community, the Echoes of My Neighbourhood prompt from Jacqueline at must be one of the best. The idea, simply, is to share pictures of your local area so bloggers around the world can get a flavour of different cities, landscapes and environments. How … Continue reading Echoes of My Neighbourhood: the Singing Ringing Tree

Song Lyric Sunday: Songs of Protest

Time to post another song for Song Lyric Sunday - this week's prompt from Helen is 'protest songs'.  This started off some interesting discussions over breakfast in our family this morning, and this one was my Dad's suggestion, and is dedicated to him: love you Dad! Where have all the flowers gone, long time … Continue reading Song Lyric Sunday: Songs of Protest

Limerick Challenge Week 30: Antonyms

Some fantastic time travelling limericks here! Honoured to tie for third place with Peter – who’d have thought we’d end up doing this when I used to nag you about data entry procedures a few years ago!

Now, time to look up exactly what ‘antonym’ means so I don’t make a fool of myself, and start plotting next week’s limerick!

Mind and Life Matters

So, did you guys enjoy traveling in time? I know I did, time travel is amazing, is it not? Not just the idea of time travel, but the limericks about time travel was amazing too! All of them, brilliant limericks for the prompt. If you have not already done so, click here, to view all the limerick submissions for Week 29.

Now, let’s get on to take a look at the Top 5 limericks from last week’s challenge.

And the limerick superstar of this week………….*drumrolls please* Draliman On Life with this amazing limerick.

Trav’lling in time can be great
Though dangerous, ‘specially of late
If you travel too long
It can all go quite wrong
Then much worse than death is your fate!


Congratulations to Draliman – the Limerick Superstar of the week!

Sue Ranscht of Space, Time and Raspberries and Magarisa of Becoming Unstuck topped my list with…

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Stone Markings

I love this take on my photo – not only is there a real natural rhythm in the lines, but it also hints at the truth behind the placing of those stones. My daughter gathered them at the beach and placed them in the garden at a time when we were dealing with bereavement, and she was truly facing the serious grown up world at a very young age. How strange – in a good way – that you’ve picked up on that!

Becoming Unstuck


She gently places her stones side by side,

creating a crystal clear division

between the serious world of adults

and the playful one of her creation.

©2016 Becoming Unstuck,

Written for kirstwrites’ weekly photo prompt: secret garden

Photo Credit: kirstwrites

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