Weekly Limerick Challenge: Time Travel

It really has been far too long since I took part in MindandLifeMatters fabulous weekly limerick challenge! I’ve been racking my brains over this week’s prompt – Time Travel – all week long, without much success. But there’s nothing like a deadline to focus the mind. The challenge closes on Friday, which is only a couple of minutes away, but luckily Rashmi is in a different time zone to me so I’ve still got a few hours!

Anyway, there is only one Time Traveller in my book – the Doctor.  So here’s a limerick (with some slightly dodgy rhyming) in his honour:

To go back in time is quite hard if

You’re not a Time Lord with a Tardis.

Going back would be fun –

You could bet on Red Rum.

Now, where was that time rift? In Cardiff?


All planets have a northAllons-y!Bow ties are coolpeter capaldi2





5 thoughts on “Weekly Limerick Challenge: Time Travel

    • Thank you! My only explanation for not taking part is that I usually try and think of limericks while I’m doing the ironing… So you can imagine for every missed week of the challenge there is an ever increasing pile of creased clothes!

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