Six Word Story Challenge: Worship

Guilt, like incense, infused our prayers…

this is the six word story I decided to submit to this week’s challenge over at Sometimes Stellar’s blog. Although the theme – ‘worship’ – did give me quite a few ideas, and I came up with a couple of others as well.

Congregation prayed while priest smirked silently

Or this:

Twisting Rosary beads, praying for forgiveness.

What do you think? Should I have picked one of the others as my entry this week?


3 thoughts on “Six Word Story Challenge: Worship

    • Thanks. I’m not particularly religious either, despite the way I’ve taken this prompt – my first thought was actually “Springsteen:Thunder Road, live acoustic version” but, you know, I thought that might not be anyone else’s definition of worship!!


      • Heh, fair enough. About the extent of mine is change ringing (yes, we do have change ringing bell towers in the US and Canada; just not as many as are on your side of the pond) so I might have gone that direction.

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