Microfiction: First Contact

“We saw satellites orbiting your world as we traversed your solar system. Evidence of your advanced civilisation.”

“They look weird”

“We wish to establish peaceful relations between our two worlds”

“Maybe they brought some stuff we could use?”

“Yeah… but they might want health care. Send them back.”

12YO daughter was watching the fabulous Star Trek: First Contact today. As all good Trekkies know, 2063 is the year when Vulcans officially visit Earth for the first time, heralding a new era of interplanetary cooperation. Except, I can’t help thinking that it might actually turn out more like this.




7 thoughts on “Microfiction: First Contact

  1. I fear you may be right. USA would deny them entry, UK would form a committee to discuss the situation and publish a report 7 years later, Sweden and Canada would invite them in with open arms, Daesh would destroy their craft and behead them! Cynic ME????

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