Song Lyric Sunday: Respect

SongLyricSundayGood Evening Sunday Song Lyric people! Glad to be back in the swing of this, having missed a couple of weeks. The latest prompt from Helen is to come up with a song about respect. Now, I normally manage to stick with the prompt, but… this time I’m going to flip it on its head, and share a song about what a complete absence of respect looks like.

Just a couple of minutes before I’d seen Helen’s post this morning, I’d spotted on Facebook that the Manic Street Preachers are playing at a festival near where I live later this year. So I was thinking about how much I used to like them when I was younger and remembering some of their best songs… like this one, Little Baby Nothing, from the album Generation Terrorists. This is a rather brilliant live version from 2007 which I found on YouTube, and it’s got me thinking maybe I should go to that festival…

No one likes looking at you
Your lack of ego offends male mentality
They need your innocence
To steal vacant love and to destroy
Your beauty and virginity used like toys

My mind is dead, everybody loves me
Wants a slice of me
Hopelessly passive and compatible
Need to belong, oh the roads are scary
So hold me in your arms
I want to be your only possession

Used, used, used by men

All they leave behind is money
Paper made out of broken twisted trees
Your pretty face offends
Because it’s something real that I can’t touch
Eyes, skin, bone, contour, language as a flower

No god reached me, faded films and loving books
Black and white TV
All the world does not exist for me
And if I’m starving, you can feed me lollipops
Your diet will crush me
My life just an old man’s memory

Little baby nothing
Loveless slavery, lips kissing empty
Dress your life in loathing
Breaking your mind with Barbie Doll futility

Little baby nothing
Sexually free, made-up to breakup
Assassinated beauty
Moths broken up, quenched at last
The vermin allowed a thought to pass them by

You are pure, you are snow
We are the useless sluts that they mould
Rock ‘n’ roll is our epiphany
Culture, alienation, boredom and despair

(Copyright Manic Street Preachers, lyrics by Bradfield, Edwards, Jones, Moore, from


3 thoughts on “Song Lyric Sunday: Respect

  1. The lyrics to this song are heartbreaking and profound. It’s sad that they are far too true. As for going to see the bad live, I’m all for it! There’s just something about seeing a favorite band performing live. 🙂

    Thanks so much for sharing!

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