Writing Dialogue: A 50 Word Story


from pixabay.com

We shouldn’t.

I know, it’s just I’ve been imagining this for so long

Me too. That feels good. No, stop.

You’re right. I just wish there was another way.

Maybe one day? I should go. But I’ll be thinking of you. Always.

Don’t. That only makes it worse.

(48 words)

Fellow blogger and Queen of the Six Word Story Nicola Auckland shared a 50 word dialogue-only story on Thursday, in response to the Daily Prompt on WordPress. The theme was Denial. I know I’m already a couple of days too late for the Daily Prompt, but I liked the idea so I thought I’d try my own version. What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Writing Dialogue: A 50 Word Story

  1. I had to read through several times because as soon as I started reading a Meatloaf song popped into my head and distracted me! (Paradise by the dashboard light – it was relevant, don’t judge me!).

    I love your story, the image made several scenarios pop into my head from forbidden midnight trysts to an other worldly being leaving to go home.

    Also, does the Queen of the Six Word Story title come with any land? 🙂


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