Song Lyric Sunday: Rain

songlyricsunday26Happy Easter, Song Lyric Sunday Peeps! I hope your day got off to a better start than mine did when the precious darling children started fighting and sulking at 7am over the Easter Egg hunt which I’d been carefully preparing until midnight the night before…  families, eh?!

Anyway, the theme for Song Lyric Sunday this week is rain, which is very appropriate as we’ve had a rainy drive across the Pennines today to visit family (after the egg wars had subsided). My choice is Kentucky Rain by Elvis Presley – here’s the lyrics and a good live version from YouTube:

Seven lonely days
And a dozen towns ago
I reached out one night
And you were gone
Don’t know why you’d run,
What you’re running to or from
All I know is I want to bring you homeSo I’m walking in the rain,
Thumbing for a ride
On this lonely Kentucky back road
I’ve loved you much too long
And my love’s too strong
To let you go, never knowing
What went wrong
Kentucky rain keeps pouring down
And up ahead’s another town
That I’ll go walking through

With the rain in my shoes,
Searchin’ for you
In the cold Kentucky rain,
In the cold Kentucky rain
Showed your photograph
To some old gray bearded man

Sitting on a bench
Outside a gen’ral store
They said “Yes, she’s been here”
But their memory wasn’t clear

Was it yesterday,
No, wait the day before
So I fin’ly got a ride
With a preacher man who asked
“Where you bound on such a cold dark afternoon?”

As we drove on through the rain
As he listened I explained
And he left me with a prayer
That I’d find you

Songwriters: E. RABBITT, D. HEARD
Kentucky Rain lyrics © IMAGEM U.S. LLC


I’m just enjoying listening to this at the end of a long day, and remembering just how amazing Elvis Presley’s voice was. Oh, and I’ve a good mind to eat all the damn chocolate now that the little darlings are safely tucked up in bed…


11 thoughts on “Song Lyric Sunday: Rain

  1. LOL! Well as a single, childless atheist (and will remain that way until I die) no Easter drama for me, but a good song anyway. Hope your day got better after the whole debacle.

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    • Stupid thing is we’re not religious either – there is still this expectation of chocolate eggs at Easter though (or should that be ‘eggspectation’?!) And yes, my day did get better thank you! 🙂


  2. Kids can be such a pain in the ass. Haha. You gotta love em though. My kids are older now and sometimes I miss those dumb little fights about nothing. You should totally enjoy their chocolate. 😉

    I love Elvis. His voice is so soothing. I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve never heard this one, but I enjoyed it a lot. Thanks for sharing!

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