Can You Cook Food in Space?

Does it feel like your children never stop asking questions? I decided to make a list of all the questions 6YO asked me over a three day period. This is what she came up with…

What’s the difference between the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere?

Do any animals live on the north pole?

What are bananas made of?

What are banana seeds called?

Where did you put my scissors?

What noise do kangaroos make?

Can I watch telly?

Is a fork good for digging?

Tell me a country in the southern hemisphere where it’s wet.

Is guitar music different to cornet music?

Do you eat people’s brains or pay money for your job? (seriously!)

What’s your favourite food?

Can I watch some telly?

What’s the deepest trench in the world?

Can you cook food in space?

How do you go to the toilet in space?

What can’t you do in space?

Can I watch telly?

Is chocolate made from cocoa beans or cocoa pods?

How does the water get in a swimming pool if there aren’t any taps? (faucets for American readers!)

Can you play minims on a guitar?

Can I watch telly?

And people wonder why parents drink!


10 thoughts on “Can You Cook Food in Space?

  1. I heard it recently that as kids you can’t understand why your parent are always in a mood – this is why and it’s only when you get there you’re like oooohhh right!
    As for cooking food in space, if it doesn’t explode then maybe – but eating it might be a struggle if you want to breathe! 😛

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  2. The answer to all those questions is “Google it”, while you get on with opening the wine! (The tele question may be an exception to this rule, when a simple yes or no will suffice depending on how many more questions you want!)

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  3. Long live the curious child – or adult! Learn something new every day! For me, it’s really is one of the greatest things about being human and being alive. Did you know that it’s over three centuries since it was possible for a person to know everything? (Athanasius Kircher) and that Isidore of Seville is the patron saint of the internet because he wrote an encyclopaedia in the seventh century? Sorry, I got a little bit carried away there…

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