Beautiful Souls Create Beautiful Worlds

I’ve been avoiding following the recent news from the US too closely – perhaps feeling that there’s enough similar stuff going on here in the UK. But this post absolutely sums it all up.

Tipsy Typer

She was 32 years old, her favorite color was purple. She was a waitress and a paralegal. She lived in an apartment with her chihuahua, Violet. She loved people and wanted the best for everyone she encountered. She felt the world so deeply that any story of hate or oppression could bring her to tears. She stood up for the things that she believed in. And because of this, she was killed- one week ago today the world lost a beautiful soul to the hands of hate. Her name was Heather Heyer; she was murdered when a car intentionally plunged into a crowd of counter-protestors who were ensuring that their own voices would drown out the hate spewing from the white supremacists who had charged into Charlottesville.

I didn’t know her, but I’ve known countless like her. Her death strikes a deep chord with me because she could have easily…

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3 thoughts on “Beautiful Souls Create Beautiful Worlds

  1. Ugh… yes. This is such a sad story and it feels like some kind of boiling point is being reached over here. The news is so strange that it’s taking on surreal tones.

    I keep up with it, but… it’s tough to be mad all the time. Keep trying to compartmentalize my frustration while chasing butterflies with the kids.

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      • Wow… I’d say people here are either fired up or slipping into outrage fatigue. Our cabinet is turning over like daily newspapers… no clue how it will all turn out, but things don’t look good. The whole country is tense and wow… lots of global unrest.


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