So long, Brexit Cat

Cat owners will know the niggling worry when a wandering feline doesn’t return at the expected time. Usually you shrug it off and the cat turns up a few hours later, quashing your exclamations of relief with a look of withering contempt.

Not today.

Today’s been a day when that slight nagging worry turned into panic when a neighbour saw Dudley hiding and obviously injured. A day of moral support and kindness as good friends and neighbours rallied to help us track him down, and a growing sense of foreboding about just how quiet he was in the car on the way to the emergency vets. And the worst news an hour later, that his injuries – probably caused by a car – were not going to be treatable.

The last year and a bit has been so much happier for being shared with our cocky, confident and affectionate Brexit Cat, who has scrapped continually with every other cat on the street, whilst simultaneously making best friends with all their owners. It’s been a pleasure watching his journey from inquisitive new arrival to chilled out master of the house whose praises we quite literally sang, as he lounged in the sunniest armchair with his paws shading his eyes. It was a journey that I wish had lasted longer.

Sleep tight Duds. We’ll miss you.

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