Mon #SOCS Stream of Consciousness Saturday

socs-badge-2017-18-e1503097084778C’mon. I can do this. I can feel the world turning, my side of the globe tilting back towards the sun, after months of facing out into the cold and dark. Winter is over. There’s something softer about the rain now, caressing my face with the promise of spring, the smell of hyacinths and warm earth hanging in the air. This is the time to come back to life. Time for a new start. Me and the spring.

There’s an energy building, faintly at first, as the sun’s rays reach through the darkness after what’s felt like the longest winter. It’s the power of the universe, billions of years old, the gravitational pull of a ball of burning hydrogen far out in space, that causes these tiny signs of spring. It creeps into your body, that smell of damp earth making you inhale a little deeper, lift your face towards the rain rather than tensing your shoulders and lowering your hood. The world is turning, spring is coming and it feels like I’m urging it on.¬† Time to change.¬†Time for something new.#SOCS

Written for Stream of Consciousness Saturday #SoCS – this week’s prompt was to use the letters ‘mon’.


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