Hello and Goodbye! #SixWordStoryChallenge

And… welcome!

The Six Word Story Challenge has moved house. The rooms are still bare, there’s a pile of boxes in the middle of the floor, and we’ve no idea where the kettle and mugs are, but never mind! Come on in, grab a pen, make yourself at home.

So for those of you who don’t know, I’m Kirst – a purple-haired 40-ahem-something mum with delusions of writerhood. By day I’m a freelancer toiling away at fundraising applications and marketing content, and by night I write this blog (which features a lot of flash fiction), sketch out my plans for the definitive 21st-century novel, and attempt occasional maudlin poetry.

For the last three years, one of my favourite blogging rituals has been the Saturday morning #SixWordStoryChallenge, and when its founder Nicola Auckland announced that she was stepping down, I immediately volunteered to keep it going. I’m delighted that fellow Yorkshire blogger, Wonderwall, has kindly offered to co-host the challenge too, so between us, we’ll keep you well supplied with weekly prompts. The next prompt will be posted as usual at 9am tomorrow, and hopefully, it will be such a seamless handover that nobody will even notice! (I’ve got till Thursday to figure out how to do that poll thing, right?)

So what is it about six-word story writing that I find so addictive? Quite simply, I think it’s a fantastic bit of mental gymnastics to keep those writing muscles in peak condition. Whether you’re writing fiction, marketing content or a formal business proposal, keeping it short and sharp is crucial. Earlier today I thought I’d crafted a perfect 300 word summary for a project proposal, but when my colleague reminded me of a couple of key facts I’d omitted, I had to do a last-minute rewrite. And of course, the revised version was all the better for cutting out a few dead words.

The same is true with fiction – flash or otherwise. I firmly believe that all this six-word story writing has improved everything else I’ve written in the last few years. I love the satisfaction that comes from finding that elusive phrase to capture a whole plot or drama, and packs a punch with it. And sharing it with the friendly, chatty crowd who have come to hang out at Nicola’s blog has always been a pleasure. My Saturdays just wouldn’t be the same without the Six Word Story, and I’m sure lots of us feel the same.

Of course, none of this would ever have happened if it weren’t for the fellow blogger I’ve never met but who feels like a friend, who has put in goodness knows how many hours of work to the Six Word Story Challenge since she came up with the idea in 2015. I want to close this post with a MASSIVE thank you and every good wish for her new business venture, to the one and only Nicola Auckland – our Always Stellar Storyteller! xxx



A virtual bouquet from the Six Word Story Challenge Crew xxx


3 thoughts on “Hello and Goodbye! #SixWordStoryChallenge

  1. Well, you’ve got me all teary now!

    I’m certainly going to miss my little corner of the blogosphere but I won’t be gone forever. I’m so glad you’ve rehomed the challenge, the beautiful community it created will be well looked after by you.

    Much love to all xxx


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