My Guitar will Go On (very badly) #SLS

This week’s prompt for #SongLyricSunday was ‘heart’ – plenty of choice there. I was going through my Spotify playlists and had more or less settled on Sargeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band… but then Spotify suggested Celine Dion, and I remembered that I could just about bash out this one on the guitar. And my good friend Lynn Blair in Texas, I’m totally blaming you for this – you’ve inspired me with your very creditable impression of Johnny Cash ! Don’t expect anything as good, but I thought it would be fun to actually show my face to blogger friends around the world.

Don’t judge me – I had lessons for a year which stopped several months ago, and didn’t realise until we started recording just how out of tune the G is. Never mind. Sometimes you’ve gotta make a fool of yourself online, right?!



21 thoughts on “My Guitar will Go On (very badly) #SLS

  1. Of course, blame me why don’t you? I refuse to take all the blame for this. 😛

    Nonetheless, no judgment passed. I remember those days. For having “put it away” for awhile I’m honestly impressed you still remember where the notes are on the fretboard! Hopefully you resume where you left off soon.

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  2. I love how brave you guys are! Now that I’m remembering, I actually sang this song in front of a crowd when I was taking voice lessons a few years ago. I couldn’t sing it now because I haven’t used my voice enough in the past few years and I seem to have lost it? Ah well. Not to make this about me, though… You did a fantastic job, even if that G is so completely out of tune it actually hurt! LOL. Thanks so much for this!

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    • I can relate actually. As someone who couldn’t sing for shit for most of my life after my little “mishap” I just quit for the longest time – even my poor guitar was neglected for several years. When I picked it back up man was I rusty. I imagine a “natural” singer wouldn’t have nearly as much of an issue.

      It’s like when you quit working out and your muscles atrophy. Same thing. If you know much about the mechanics and physiology of the human voice you’d know why that’s the case.

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      • It’s possible. I don’t know. As I said, I used to be absolutely dreadful, however hard that might be for anyone who never heard me attempt to sing before.

        Maybe some day I’ll share my version of Mad World – still my all time favorite song. I’ll have to find time to lay down the track though.

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