Haunted Coast Part II: Twittering Tales #85


photo by Tama66@pixabay.com

There was one taxi at the station.

White Gables Hotel please

My phone buzzed. I glanced down. 5 missed calls. My fingers hovered, but no. Fresh start.

The driver sneered in his mirror.

The latest tenant, ha! Good luck lassie!

He refused to bring my bags in. Alone, I turned the key.

(280 characters, thanks to using italics rather than correction punctuation for the conversation – is that cheating?)

Written for Kat’s weekly Twittering Tales Challenge. To mix things up a bit, I decided to write it as a sequel to this ghostly one I wrote a few weeks earlier. I said at the time I’d quite like to write a ghost story, I’m wondering if I could write it all in tweet-sized┬ásections?


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