Haunted Coast Part III: Twittering Tales #86


Photo by Alistair MacRobert via Unsplash.com.

Inside, the sickly smell of mould hit me. In the gloom, my footsteps echoed back at me from the peeling walls and vaulted ceilings.

I heaved open a window sash to let the sea air in. Somewhere upstairs a door slammed. Just the breeze, surely? I looked round, sensing something…

(276  characters)

Written for Kat’s weekly Twittering Tales Challenge.


6 thoughts on “Haunted Coast Part III: Twittering Tales #86

    • You’re making it very easy for me at the moment, the photos seem to fit the ghostly theme quite well. I am definitely going to carry on with this. I figured 100 tweets is a 5000 word short story – it will be interesting to see how it flows when read as a whole. Thanks for inspiring me!


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