Brass Bands? Not at full moon

I’d noticed that the Grimethorpe Colliery Band are due to perform in Leeds next month. The 7YO is a bit of a brass band aficionado, having worn out my phone watching this performance of the William Tell Overture from Brassed Off, and dabbled in cornet lessons before her front teeth fell out. So I put it to her:

Me: Roo, would you like to go and listen to a proper brass band in Millennium Square?

7YO: (suspiciously) When?

Me: July 29th, I think the poster said.

7YO: No. Not the 29th.

Me: why not? Are we already doing something?

7YO: It’s just that last month it was full moon on the 29th. I don’t want to go if it’s full moon.

Brass bands best avoided at full moon. Any ideas why? Answers on a postcard!


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