In Theory: “There Is No Spoon”

It’s nice to share… and this piece by my blogger friend trE is just so good, it’s stayed with me since I first read it a few years ago. Enjoy.

A Cornered Gurl

tvmanTaken at theChrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk,VA

I tap —
backspace seven times,
an email I said I
would not send
andI am
here, in front of a computer
listening to music that
only reminds me of

I flit —
I flow from one
word to the next.

there is no calming of
noantidote suitable
enough to render me

rice is bubbling,
broccoli roaring in the pot
turkey wings sizzling with
sweet potatoes
, still I
backspace… tap — flit — start

and stop all over again.
I am not here.

I watch each word appear,
letter by letter
every thought is centered around
a looming memory.
my “E” key is stuck,
I strike it back to life

I can’t have it dying
on me
not now.
not today.

I am amusing myself,

you see?
This is a great space,
between theories and spoons

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