This community we build

Sharing this lovely piece from Fauxcroft, for all the brilliant blogger friends I’ve made over the last few years. You know who you are! Pretty much sums up everything that’s wonderful about WordPress.


I bare my heart

I bare my soul

To you so stories can be told

So messages can be offered up

To share the light

To share the love

With people who we connect with

Beyond our touch

Yet still in someway

We reach and touch each other

With words and stories

As friends and life lovers

Forming and sharing community

Conveying with each other our hopes and dreams

Offering advice and offering help

Where we can we share a wealth

Of abundant knowledge and ideas

We communicate our happiness

We communicate our fears

Sharing laughter

Sharing tears

In the place of dreamers

Of all colours, class, faiths and years

And prove that humanity can unite

Despite language, idealism or difficult plights

We connect and build this community

We are building up something strong and free

We are an example of how people can agree and disagree

While showing respect

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