#SixWordStoryChallenge: Wildlife

Badgers rebelled, attacked politicians. Weapon? Goalposts!

So this week Sara is hosting the #sixwordstorychallenge over at Wonderwall – go check out this week’s stories and see if you can come up with one of your own – there are some great entries this week.

The disadvantage of hosting the challenge is that it’s difficult to find time to come up with your own story (I know, who’d have thought six words could take so long to write?). So it’s nice to have a ‘week off’ and come up with something. Sara’s opening comment about badgers got me thinking about Owen Paterson’s now famous goalposts comment. Of course these days you can’t think about wildlife without also thinking of conservation issues, and I did also scribble a slightly more serious alternative:

Tigers? Bees? Rhinos? What were they?

But I tend to go for serious, gloomy stories a bit too often, so this week I decided to try – for once – to be funny.

One of my favourites from this week’s entries, which I’m just going to give an extra shout out to (because she’s my daughter, 14 this week and just brilliant) was this one:

The asphalt covered my nut stores

(perspective of the squirrel) 

You can submit a six word story in the comments section of this week’s prompt page up until Thursday – so what are you waiting for? Get over there, have a read of the rest and see what you can come up with!



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