Wheel of Fortune: Twittering Tales #90


Photo by AlbanyColley at Pixabay.com

No, not like that. Handle them carefully. Don’t disturb the cosmic vibrations!

Oh come on, you don’t seriously believe…

Yes. Now concentrate. Which card are you drawn to?

This one… I guess?

Ah, the Wheel of Fortune. It signifies…

That I should go on a TV game show?

Ok, we’re done.

(277 characters)


Written for Kat Myrman’s weekly Twittering Tales challenge – good to be back after a few weeks away. Head over to Kat’s site to see what tweet-sized stories other bloggers have come up with in response to this week’s photo. (Note: I actually have, and use, the exact Tarot deck pictured in this photo, but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to have a bit of fun with this one!)

7 thoughts on “Wheel of Fortune: Twittering Tales #90

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