Haunted Coast #60

I picked them up. Turned towards him, my hand outstretched. I’m sure these weren’t here before. That feather… He frowned. Like a dream catcher’s. But much older than the one downstairs. I think you shouldn’t stay here alone. He took my hand. Just until we figure this out. I nodded. (280 characters) If you've just … Continue reading Haunted Coast #60


I Looked At… Revisited

This is an interesting piece. I'm sure I use 'looked at' , not only as a cue to direct reader's attention to some particular object I want to describe, but also as a shorthand for all sorts of non verbal communication between characters. I'm going to look out for this from now on. Thanks Jesse!

6 word story Challenge. Prompt reveal: Saturday 28th. Challenge closes and vote opens Thursday 2nd August

Check out the #SixWordStoryChallenge over at Wonderwall this week. It’s an intriguing prompt this week – “tattoo”.

This gives me a few ideas. I’ve been considering getting myself inked for a few years now. Will I ever take the plunge? My grandad had a tattoo on his arm, so happy childhood memories there. And my youngest daughter regularly “tattoos” herself with biro and felt tip pens, getting ink all over her bedding.

So… just need to think how to turn one of those trains of thought into a six word story.


# SixWordStoryChallenge is a prompt is posted every Saturday morning at 9am GMT, either on this site or that of fellow blogger https://kirstwrites.wordpress.com/2018/07/12/haunted-coast-35/.

Winners (1st, 2nd, 3rd are selected by 24 hours of voting Thursday / Friday.

This week’s prompt:


My attempt regards those tattooed in concentration camps; I googled to find a survivors number.

132256 ‘lucky’ number tattooed by Nazis.

So how does it work?

1. Leave your story in the comments until Thursday 9.30pm GMT

2. Like, comment & engage with other authors

3. On Thursday, I publish a poll – and this is the important bit – don’t forget to come back and vote for your favourite!

4. Bask in glory if you’re a winner.

Never tried microfiction before?

Never fear, help is at hand. You can get a few more hints and tips about writing six word stories here.

Can I share my…

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