Bikini Bodies: Twittering Tales #92


Photo by katermikesch at

Shouldn’t you keep covered up?

I’ve got Factor 50 on!

Yes but that bikini, at your age? I mean, I don’t mind your extra layers, but your Baywatch days are over love!

She forced herself to share his laugh. Their daughter was watching, after all.

Listening to every word.

Not eating.

(280 characters)

Been far too long since I took part in this fun challenge. Write a story inspired by the photo prompt in 280 characters or less.  Kat Myrman’s weekly Twittering Tales challenge

14 thoughts on “Bikini Bodies: Twittering Tales #92

  1. And so the obsession with weight and self inflicted starving is handed down to a daughter…who watches her mother not eating to be thin. I caught that Kirst…I know it well. These days I don’t give a damn…my wasteline shows it.

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