Quest for New England begins!

Looking forward to reading this! Anna has been writing historical fiction since the early 90s when she and I collaborated on a medieaval soap opera parody of our tangled university social lives… but her current work is based more on actual historical research and a real ability for creating convincing characters. Go check out her books on Amazon!

Dark Age Voices

Book one of Quest for New England is on track for release in the autumn. The epic voyage starts with Rising from the Ruins, set in an England reeling from the Conquest…

After the defeat at Hastings,

The failure of rebellions,

And the devastation of the North,

England desperately needs a new hero.

Siward of Gloucester cannot be that man. Tortured by the disasters of the previous years, most of all he is haunted by the dying eyes of the man who saved his life.

Oswyth is one of the orphaned heiresses of Hastings. Resigned to the fate of marrying one of the conquerors, her hatred is focussed on Siward – the man she blames for her father’s death.

However when Oswyth’s Norman husband arrives, her grandfather has other ideas. In a desperate attempt to keep his only remaining kin out of the hands of the hated invaders, he throws…

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