And the Winner of this week’s #SixWordStoryChallenge is…


Good Evening Six Word Storytellers!

It’s Friday evening and the time of the week when we  announce the winners of this week’s challenge.

This week’s theme was Recovery. And the winners (drumroll) are ….

Well this is unusual. We have a tie – the top place is shared between four entries. Normally in this situation I’d pick which ones I consider the best out of the tied entries and declare them the winners. But this time, I don’t feel I can do that. So this week, our fab four, who can all lay claim to the prized winner’s badge, are as follows:

Trust me! You will heal. Eventually. – by Piyali

Year post shattering redundancy. Confidence returning. – by Wonderwall

Smoke! The door! Too far! Damn! – by Paul Sunstone

One year sober. Celebratory drink. Drunk! – by Peter’s Ponderings

But this week, everyone was a winner really – excellent stories all round. Well done all. And I hope the clouds cleared over wherever you are and some of you at least got to see the lunar eclipse. No such luck here sadly. One very disappointed 7yo tonight.

As always, thank you for taking part. There will be a new prompt published for you this Saturday morning at 9am GMT over at Wonderwall’s blog.

Have a lovely weekend Storytellers!


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