Haunted Coast #83

I couldn’t look at him any longer. I stood up.

What will you do? Find somewhere else round here?

I’m good. I’ve handled worse than things that go bump in the night.

He looked alarmed.

It’s not safe though – I’ve seen the maps. You can’t stay there.

I laughed and walked away.

(272 characters).

If you’ve just stumbled on this blog, welcome. I’m attempting to write a ghost story one tweet (280 characters or less) at a time. I’m aiming to publish a new installment at 7.30, every weekday morning and evening. At the weekend I do other stuff – and occasionally I get swamped by work and family life and miss a few days.  If you’re wondering what you’ve missed, you can catch up with it as one continuous story here. If you like what you’ve read, please feel free to share/ comment/ reblog.

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