Haunted Coast #85

I’d woken at this time too often to be surprised. Tonight, the house’s restless memories seemed to echo my own sadness back at me, the wind moaning at the windows like a sobbing child.

I hear you I whispered to the night.

I sat up with a sudden thought.

What did he mean about maps?

(280 characters)

If you’ve just stumbled on this blog, welcome. I’m attempting to write a ghost story one tweet (280 characters or less) at a time. I’m aiming to publish a new installment at 7.30, every weekday morning and evening. At the weekend I do other stuff – and occasionally I get swamped by work and family life and miss a few days.  If you’re wondering what you’ve missed, you can catch up with it as one continuous story here. If you like what you’ve read, please feel free to share/ comment/ reblog.

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