Dominoes #SOCS #StreamofConsciousnessSaturday

There's something incredibly tactile about dominoes, chess and draughts pieces, isn't there? You just want to pick them up, feel them in the palm of your hand. The game itself is almost secondary ... it's holding them that's the thing. Polished smooth wood or clay, the old fashioned ones that is, they were reassuringly substantial … Continue reading Dominoes #SOCS #StreamofConsciousnessSaturday


Roll up Roll up #6word story Voting time

Vote now! Some fab stories this week!


This week’s prompt captured some of the fun and magic of circus and as usual some stories with a darker slant.

Voting is open until 9pm GMT Friday 28th. I’m out so there may be a light delay announcing the winners. Please vote for your three favourites.

*There is no prize except one of Nicola’s glorious badges!

This week’s roll of honour features the following beautiful bloggers:

Kyt Wright


Endless Edits




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