Haunted Coast: back on track

I know, it’s been a bit quiet round here of late. Holidays, with no wifi, lots of work deadlines, moving house – again with no wifi. I’ve been living in my decorating clothes, in a house with virtually no furniture, have the electrician on speed dial,  and not been doing an awful lot of blogging.

But tonight I’ve had a visitation. A friend swooped into my building site home and zeroed in on the stacks of boxes towering to the ceiling. Before I knew it, boxes of kitchen stuff had been relocated to the kitchen, boxes of books had been stacked somewhere out of the way pending the purchase of a bookcase, and suddenly there was a space on the living room floor for the first time in a month. And then – I swear I’m not making this up – she produced a sofa from the boot of her car. I think I cried.

So here I am, sitting on a sofa, with a rug covering the bare floor boards and wifi on the hotspot, and it’s almost starting to feel like home. So time to catch up on a few long overdue projects. Starting with Haunted Coast, the one tweet at a time ghost story that I’ve been experimenting with. You can catch up with the whole story so far here, and the next instalment will be here tomorrow morning at 7.30am. Enjoy.

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