And the Winner of this week’s #SixWordStoryChallenge is…


Good Evening Six Word Storytellers, and I hope you’ve all had a lovely week. The theme for this week’s story was Friendship and it’s certainly been appropriate for me as I’ve started having a few friends round to the new place and am feeling reconnected with the wider world – despite the ongoing lack of wifi (Monday is installation day, we are counting down!) But anyway – how did we vote?

First place goes to Endless Edits, who nailed it with this – I think I’m right in saying, but apologies if not – first entry to the #SixWordStoryChallenge:

She gave what I didn’t deserve.  

If you’re an aspiring writer (and aren’t we all round here?) this recent blog post from Endless Edits is worth a read – about getting the balance right between making characters quirky and interesting but still having broad appeal. Go check it out!

Sometimes Stellar Storyteller Six Word Story Challenge 2nd


In second place, because of course, four-legged friends are the best kind, it’s Sheryl from BiaAtlas with:

The dog licked his boy’s hand

Sheryl also has a daily word prompt blog here, so if you’re looking for fresh inspiration give her a follow!

Sometimes Stellar Storyteller Six Word Story Challenge 3rd


And in joint third place, it’s Web Designer Kripi with:

They said nothing but understand everything

Check out Kripi’s story here  and you’ll see why these friends are the silent type!

And the 3rd place honours are shared with Jason A Muckley of Poems for Warriors for:

Listening ear, crying shoulder, helping hand – you can read this, and more of Jason’s work here

Well done to our winners, and thank you everyone for taking part and sharing your brilliant stories! Look out for the next prompt tomorrow morning at 9am over at Sara’s blog Wonderwall


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