Haunted Coast 103

A Land Rover parked near the clifftop path. He helped me into the passenger seat. My mind drifting, spikes of pain piercing the haze.

My next clear memory was the sitting room at White Gables. A fire blazed in the grate. Warm hands helping me to the sofa, dark eyes full of care.

(279 characters)

If you’ve just stumbled on this blog, and are wondering what you’ve missed, welcome. I’m attempting to write a ghost story one tweet (280 characters or less) at a time. You can catch up with it asĀ one continuous story here. My original plan was to write approximately 5000 words or 100 tweets… but here we are and it’s not finished yet! If you’ve stayed with me so far – and you know who you are – thank you! I’m aiming to schedule instalments every weekday morning and evening, working my way round to the conclusion in the not too far distant future, so hang in there!




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