Vote Now for the Winner of this week’s #SixWordStoryChallenge

It’s time to vote to decide the winner of the Six Word Story Challenge!

This week’s prompt was Superstition. I’ve loved reading all your stories this week – and now it’s time to vote! Which of the stories below should win the grand prize?*

If you’ve never voted before, don’t forget you can vote for your top THREE stories – just tick three boxes before you submit! Results will be announced bright and early tomorrow morning just before the Saturday prompt is announced by Wonderwall.

*There is no prize except one of Nicola’s glorious badges!




Thanks to all our awesome contributors this week:

trE, kytwright, Sheryl, Kat Myrman, Wonderwall, Theresa, and Tintins



5 thoughts on “Vote Now for the Winner of this week’s #SixWordStoryChallenge

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