The Deserter – Oysterband #SLS

Sunday night song sharing again. Tonight's offering comes to you from a Premier Inn on a business park in Stoke as I get ready to run a training session for a local charity's fundraising team tomorrow. I've got a sore throat, can't remember half of what's in my presentation and the air vent in my … Continue reading The Deserter – Oysterband #SLS

Stefan Brijs: Post for Mrs Bromley

This new WW1 novel sounds well worth a read. Will be looking out for its translation into English.


51E9jdRvQIL._AC_US218_This is an astonishing new novel set during the First World War, but sadly not yet available in English, though there is a sample here. At first, I wondered when I read ‘translated from the Dutch’ on the cover, but then I actually realised Brijs is a Flemish writer, and all fell into place, Flanders, the Western Front and everything: a writer from the area, fascinated by what happened there a century ago. And the final sections are set in Poperinghe and feature Talbot House, which I visited earlier this year…

It’s interesting because it’s a novel about Britain at the very start of the war, and its early days, a time of confusion and bewilderment as well as growing patriotism and propaganda, a time before the horrors with which we are all familiar became widely known. This is an aspect I haven’t met in other…

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6 word story challenge. Week commencing Saturday 6th October.

This week’s Six Word Story Challenge is hosted by Sara over at Wonderwall. Head over there for the latest prompt.


We are building up to the wedding of another English princess; Princess Eugenie Therefore the prompt this week is PRINCESS.

Stories could be fairytales , but I suspect lots of you will go for something darker.
I recently attended my niece’s Princess and superhero party. The expectation was girl’s dressed as Princesses and boy’s as superheros and no room for vice versa. I of course donned a top saying Girl power and a cape. I noticed superhero outfits were better for bouncing on the bouncy castle with than, long Princess dresses. This is my 6 word story:
Stripped princess dress, to bounce better.
I may leave the voting until Friday morning, because I’m out on Thursday and think may be difficult to coordinate.

See what you can come up with, and enter your six-word story in the comments below.

So how does it work?

1 Leave your story in the…

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