Vote Now for the Winner of this week’s #SixWordStoryChallenge

It’s time to vote to decide the winner of the Six Word Story Challenge!

This week’s prompt was Darkness. As always, brilliant stories from our talented storytellers. I must apologise for not liking or commenting on them all before now – it’s been a busy week during which yet again I’ve taken on more work than I can handle, plus my kitchen is being refitted and I’ve had to move out temporarily… I’m always so pleased to see everyone’s contributions and it’s brilliant when people drop by and join in for the first time – welcome to this week’s newbies and thanks for joining in!

If you’ve never voted before, don’t forget you can vote for your top THREE stories – just tick three boxes before you submit! Results will be announced in about 24hrs time – 11pm or thereabouts GMT on Friday. 

*There is no prize except one of these glorious badges!


Oh, and if you’re interested …


old kitchen


no kitchen


some new kitchen


almost there!





2 thoughts on “Vote Now for the Winner of this week’s #SixWordStoryChallenge

  1. Reblogged this on Wonderwall and commented:
    Check out Kirsty’s post to read and vote for favourite three DARKNSS STORIES. As a bonus you get to see Kirsty’s kitchen development.

    My story inspired by 100 years since end of last war, which was of course good but not all celebration:


    I think maybe I should have used a ? After history – what do you think?


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