This Week’s Winner – and an announcement

Good morning Six Word Storytellers and my apologies for not announcing the winner last night, but without further ado. first prize on the theme of ‘Madness’ goes to …

Nodding and smiling as teenager rants

by Padresramblings



Think this struck a chord with anyone who knows teenagers! Thanks and well done to our other two contributors as well, Cheila with:

She wished she could just die

And trE with:

instant gratification has driven humanity insane

And it goes without saying, that all of these lovely bloggers are worth a follow so click on the links and go check them out!

And now, an announcement. With the onslaught of the festive season, my fellow #SixWordStory host Wonderwall and myself have decided that it’s time to put this weekly challenge into sleep mode for a few weeks. We love seeing all the varied and crazy ideas everyone comes up with, but to do it justice takes time, not just writing the posts but responding to everyone’s comments and sharing it everywhere. In the run up to Christmas we just don’t have time to do it properly, and I suspect from the dwindling number of entries in the last week or so, many of us are in the same position.

So let’s take a short break. Spend the next few Saturdays Christmas shopping, catching up with friends IRL, getting the decorations down from the loft. The #SixWordStoryChallenge will be back, if I survive Christmas, on this site, at 9am sharp on Saturday 5th January 2019. In the meantime I look forward to reading and commenting on some of your blogs which I haven’t done for ages, and perhaps even writing a couple of different posts of my own.





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