Mum and charity worker by day. Blogger, trainee copywriter and aspiring author by night. Probably a bit sleep deprived. Theatre and museum geek, expat Scouser in Yorkshire, woolly liberal feminist leftie.

This WordPress site is, if you like, my online writer’s office.  The place where I come to just sit down and write, ignoring the unfinished housework and the squabbling children. Here is where I sit down with a steaming mug of tea, spread out my notebooks and bash out my ideas on an old typewriter with the rain streaming down the windows outside, while the cat snoozes on an old rocking chair (actually it’s a Mac and a cheap Ikea chair, both of which have seen better days, but you get the picture).

There’s a lot of different writing projects on the go in here.  I make no apologies for the many disconnected subjects.  I’m a parent, a traveller, a reader, a writer and a politics junkie – and I spout opinions on all these things when the mood takes me.  So take a seat on the rocking chair (you may need to move a pile of notebooks, or the cat, first), pick a category and have a read of whatever takes your fancy.  I’m always glad to hear other people’s opinions too, so feel free to share your thoughts in the comments box.


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    • I agree. Besides, being an ‘all over the place’ blogger means you have to figure out how to use wordpress categories and menus, which I have to say was a challenge! Thanks for following!


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