Herman Melville: you won’t get the better of me

Moby Dick. Moby sodding Dick. I started this leviathan of a book (see what I did there?) back in March, and shared some thoughts about it in a post a few weeks ago. I’d set myself the target of finishing it “by the summer”. So much for that. I’ve barely managed another 30 pages since then, and it’s June the day after tomorrow, which is summer by anybody’s reckoning. I’m getting nowhere fast.

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Herman Melville: nice alliteration, shame about the word count


I started reading Moby Dick recently.  So far I can’t decide whether I’m gripped by it or just overwhelmed. Melville’s style is like nothing I’ve ever encountered before, and it’s certainly not particularly accessible, but every few pages he blows me away with the strange, rugged beauty of his writing. Take this for example – how many alliterative pairs does he throw into this sentence? And yet it works. Continue reading

Mum’s Book Review: Silent Nation by Beverly Sanford

publication1I was motivated to write a review of this book because it was recommended so enthusiastically by my 12YO daughter. She’s recently read it at school, and enjoyed it so much she persuaded me to order it on Amazon so she could have her own copy.  The cover design , with the menacing image of a bar code overlaid on a human eye, hints darkly at a dystopian tale of a population under the thumb of a totalitarian government.

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Wuthering Heights again – Does Anyone Read Joseph’s speeches?

This post has been amended to include the little dots on top of the last letter of Emily Brontë’s surname – thanks to Erin of Bubbles and Beebots for telling me how to do this!

I’ve been thinking a lot about Wuthering Heights and English Literature generally in the last few days.  11YO has dipped into WH, having heard Heathcliff mentioned as an example of an antihero in a Year 7 English lesson.  She read two or three chapters of it, which I was quite impressed by, before giving it up because of “too many long sentences” and then went back to Diary of a Wimpy Kid.
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