My ex said: “You’re the one”

Just for fun, I’m taking part in Sometimes Stellar Storyteller’s new challenge to write a story in six words or less, based on a weekly prompt.  The first prompt is this: “Write about a tricky situation”.  So here goes:

My ex said: “You’re the one”

Why don’t you have a try, and see what six word story you can come up with too?

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Mondays Finish the Story: I see absolutely everything

Today’s challenge on Blogging101 was to take part in a new community blogging event.  As it’s been a long time since I wrote any fiction, I thought I’d try my hand at this one: , a weekly flash fiction prompt which challenges you to carry on from an opening sentence – this week’s being: “I see absolutely everything”.  This is how I got on:

I see absolutely everything now.  Shouldn’t have come as any surprise. The atmosphere between us has been tense and prickly since, well, it seems like forever. The shadows of dancing leaves flickered across the wall, making it seem like the whole room was moving, and the autumn sunshine reflected in her doe-like eyes as she looked at me with thinly veiled contempt.

“What’s up?” I tried to sound casual, but I could tell an explosion of some kind was building.

She screwed the cap back onto the bottle of nail polish with a violent twist, her knuckles stark white in contrast to her scarlet finger tips.   Her fists clenched, and her voice was tight, as she said the words that really I should have seen coming:

“I know where it’s buried”….

Daily Prompt: Cause, meet Effect

Just to let everyone reading this know, I’m not the normal author. She will be back tomorrow. I also have my own blog tastyadvicedeathbychocolate99 and I have written a post on this site before, called An overall summary by a guest blogger. Go check that out.

So my mum is doing this challenge called blogging101 which basically means she is spending a whole lot more time on the mac than she is talking to me. So for today I decided to hijack her blog and show her how it feels.

The topic for today was basically make a random cause and effect link and explain why. So I thought long and hard about this (LOL I’m making it up as I type). So my topic is kinda weird but stupid. When I was younger I believed that fairies/pixies lived in chimneys and  consequently  this was why there was a tonne of cracks in our chimney.  I think this was just to try make my mum and dad feel better about the fact that our chimney looked rather like some large mace had been shoved up there and cracked the walls.

I’m gonna stop yacking on and just explain my point. Cause: pixies live in chimney. They hollow out holes in chimney. Effect: holes in chimney. That’s the end of my blog. Thanks for reading.

We need to talk about Jeremy

I’ve been inspired to write this after reading Mark Fiddaman’s hilarious satirical take-down of the anti-Corbyn camp.  There’s been a lot of doom-mongering, so this is my attempt to separate the rhetoric from the facts.

The case against Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership bid seems to be based on certain implicit assumptions made by those who remember politics in the 1980’s and 1990’s.  Of course the thing about implicit assumptions is Continue reading