Twittering Tales #28

  His trembling hands clawed at clods of earth, burying guilt in a shallow grave. Overhead, the geese were watching, swooping, accusing.   (134 characters) I missed last week so it's good to be back in the swing of one of my favourite weekly WordPress events, Kat's Twittering Tales challenge to write a story based … Continue reading Twittering Tales #28

Twittering Tales #20: Anniversary Story

You’re late. Again. I’m here now. Happy anniversary. She could smell cheap perfume. As he leaned towards her, she hurled the champagne flute. (139 characters) This tweet sized story is for Kat's Twittering Tales Challenge over at Like Mercury Colliding blog.  There are always lots of fantastic tiny stories to check out on her page - … Continue reading Twittering Tales #20: Anniversary Story