Weekly Limerick Challenge: Breeze

This week's prompt for the Limerick Challenge from MindandLifeMatters was 'breeze' - quite a tricky one as it turned out. I've been mulling it over on windy walks across the fields to pick my daughter up from school, and this is what I've come up with: The stormy clouds race through the skies while the … Continue reading Weekly Limerick Challenge: Breeze

Limerick Poetry Challenge: Fall

When a fellow blogger alerted me to MindandLifeMatters' new weekly Limerick Poetry Challenge, I immediately wanted to try it - particularly as this week's prompt is "Fall" (or autumn in British-English). ┬áThis combines two of my strongest memories of high school English classes - firstly the fun we had making up our own limericks, and … Continue reading Limerick Poetry Challenge: Fall